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What is your name?
That is highly classified. u can call me by my intials, T.C
Where do u live?
Why I live in Oahu silly (Hawaiian Islands). All my life.
How old are u?
Age does not matter. But since u asked 16 this year 2000
What kind of music do u like?
The type of songs on my music list. R&B/ Hip Hop and Alternative. I like to listen to both.
What do u enjoy doing?
I like ceramics, photography, computers, games, and tennis. Ceramics is fun and i'm good at it ^_^ . Photography, well I love taking pictures when i'm trips with my family. Despite the idea that I don't play tennis in the off-season, I still love to play and i'm not that bad considering that i've only been play for 2 yrs. which breaks down to only about 5 months of actual playing.
What is your pet peeve?
I hate fake people, u know those pretentious people. I also hate wise asses, even though i can be one at times... Anyhow I also hate the way conceded people act. Which most will agree.
"Do u know how it is?"
Do i know how it is? Well of course I know how it is. There is only one other person that "knows how it is" buddy Clint. Cause we know how it is.

T.C 2000-2001