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Jan K.
Met her in an odd way, while working my "stupid points" off for Mr. Chee by wiping/cleaning windows. She was there with her friend and talking in Chinese, and I understood cause i'm chinese. We always make fun of each other, that's kool, great friend.
Candy W.
Yes that is her real name. But anyhow met her the same time as Jan, except she was working off the "stupid point" too. Another great Chinese friend of mine.
Emi T.
Gees, one of my oldest buddies, all the way back since Kindergarden. Ahhhhh, the good old days. One of my best friends, great artist.
Amy H.
Known her a long time since 7th grade . Great online buddy. Check out her site.
Mel Y.
A great person, most of the time. One of my best friends, like a sister to me. ^_^
To all the guys and girls at K.M.T that i've known since my 8th grade.

-Thanx all of u for being great friends
Sorry the guys were not put on.
If u were not put on the list,

T.C 2000-2001